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Delivery for you - Ship it!

Subkit is a scalable Backend-as-a-Service built especially to develop, running, host and maintaining GraphQL APIs. Subkit using the latest fast, safe and secure Docker and AWS cloud infrastructure to get rid of complex self-made continuous delivery infrastructure.

Beeing productive

Subkit is designed for comfortable and efficient product development. It's perfect for individual developers and for teams to develop, run, scale and maintain data-driven web, mobile and desktop applications.

API-First with Frontend-Driven approach

Always you’re building your first GraphQL-API based app or managing multiple mission-critical apps, Subkit lets you focus on building amazing web, mobile and desktop apps instead of doing everything from scratch. More with less code - free yourself and start to develop fascinating products.

Seamless integration - No lock in

Integrate third-party services, databases and content provider you already use to enrich your GraphQL-API fast and easy. Use popular UI frameworks like React, Relay, Apollo, Lokka, AngularJS and many more right out-of-the-box. Focus on building product features instead of wiring technical components together yourself.

Developer-friendly GraphQL-APIs made easy

GraphQL is an incredible improvement of REST-APIs and gives you new experiences how to fetch and update data in a declarative way. Instead of writing complex code that tells how to fetch and sync the data in your application, just declare the data needs of your components in GraphQL.

Instantly ready for development

Simply define the shape of your data, push it to our cloud service and you have a scalable and secure GraphQL-API that can handle the data storage and authentication for your app.

Programmable functionality

Some application functionality needs to be implemented by your own product specific code. Implement your business logic, connect to various data sources, fetch and update data, call third-party web service APIs, validate user inputs and create webhooks handler using custom functions with JavaScript.

Keep your development environment

You do not develop anything online in the cloud. Work in your local development environment, with the tools you like and push your GraphQL type schema, functions, static files and content to the subkit cloud.